The Global Blood Bank Crisis

There is currently a global shortage of blood within our blood banks, which is creating very poor situations for those hospitals in need or urgent blood transfer.

What Crisis?

Blood is being raced across countries globally, creating environmental impact and damaging the climate.

Currently organisations like the NHS are spending a great deal of money on advertising and shipping blood across the UK.  The situation is becoming worse, especially within specialised blood types and ethnic minorities.  It is not that people are not willing to donate, it is just too hard to set an appointment and there are no real rewards in place.

The Solution

It is time to make a change and blood crowd has the answer. 

Blood Crowd has identified a unique partner in Tdazy, a viral lifestyle, gamifying and reward app designed for all ages.  With privacy at the heart of the application, people are able to receive targeted vouchers, adverts and deals, along with planning their lives through AI and receiving reward vouchers and kudos through sharing the voucher.  Tdazy also uses unique position tracking, again completely privately, but provide key data and localisation to businesses globally. 

Blood Crowd aims to be a bolt on app for Tdazy, which links to major health organisations world-wide.  This booster will work with corporate and impact organisations to provide voucher rewards and kudos to those people who donate blood. 

How it Works

There are a number of unique selling points to our app: 

  • Tdazy can book appointments for the user 
  • Health organisations who have available appointments can push a request to people within a certain range to attend a clinic 
  • Emergency requests can be pushed by urgency to local users, or national depending on the requirement, local resources and blood types 
  • Even when people are in a different country to their locality, the app can still send requests to them, achieving a global network of blood donators and empowering the world of blood banks 

 We aim to produce both the app, which bolts in to Tdazy, a SaaS service for the health services and a front end to display the donations globally against demand.  We aim to receive corporate sponsorship and government support, along with inviting impact investors in to help us achieve our goals. 

The Reward – Awareness and social impact 

Through our research, we have noted that the younger generations, especially millennials are now turning away from blood donation, due to not knowing where their blood has gone and what it is being used for.   

 As such, we intend to offer reporting back to the donor, so they are aware that they have saved a life, saved a child etc.  They will also then be able to share to social networks, whereby they can share an image / video and superimpose the company logo to show awareness. 


Along with the social impact and reporting back to the donor, our intention is to provide the user kudos through Tdazy and also partner with retail, travel and hospitality sectors to provide discount vouchers, which are suitable for the donor’s preferences stored within Tdazy.  With this focused reward, donors can be assured they will receive appropriate rewards and be more likely to share with friends to incentivise them into donating too. 

Let’s Make an Impact!

In order to combat the current crises of blood donor uptake, we need to work with people and organisations globally.  If you think you can help, or just would like a chat, please feel free to contact us today.